Monday, 11 June 2012

What a Hen weekend

A non-cakey weekend.... It's been a while since I've had a weekend without baking anything. But I had good reason - I was at a hen do from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. And it was the most hilarious weekend I have ever had.

Friday night was drinks at the Hen's house with a Butler in the Buff - and he was buff! He had the peachiest bottom you ever did see. Every time he turned round I involuntarily said "Oooooh!". Much more tasteful than I expected, just a bit naughty, and completely hilarious.

Saturday was spent recovering from hangovers, and going to a roller disco. I sat this part out, due to extreme fear following a broken wrist ice skating 4 years ago followed by hip surgery 2 years ago - I have no balance, and lots of fear. But I watched and laughed.

Saturday night was trawling the bars of Derby, dressed as animals.... There were 18 of us, all in animal costumes, except for the Hen, who wore a circus tamer outfit. Every so often she shouted "Roll up, roll up!" and we all had to act as our chosen animals. 17 girls crawling on the floors of Derby bars..... I have never laughed so much in my entire life.

Thanks to a brilliant bunch of girls. I've made some great new friends and some excellent memories. I have two favourite new games - Gecko, and Pegging.

There was some cake involved though. The Hen baked a Devil's Food Cake a la me for her sister's birthday on Friday, and on Saturday I had a chocolate muffin in Costas. There's got to be cake in there somehow!

What a weekend.


  1. hysterical... poor guy looks petrified!

    1. His first words were "Ooh, there's a lot of you..." Bless him!


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