Friday, 22 June 2012

Anyone for chocolate tea?

I tried some chocolate tea this week.

I wouldn't recommend it.

I understand the pairing of coffee and chocolate - the deep coffee mixing with the sweetness of the chocolate blend deliciously together. But tea? I think someone in the 'ideas' department of the tea company possibly had too much caffeine and convinced themselves it was genius.

In reality, the vanilla smell was so sweet and overpowering that I didn't want to take a sip even. But I took a deep breath and persevered. The tea itself didn't really taste of anything though - not even tea. I couldn't taste chocolate at all. The vanilla smell lasted long after the tea had gone, and not in a pleasant way either.

Lots of things go nicely with tea. Lemon, mint, the subtle flowery nature of Lady and Earl Grey, even the spicey orange in a Christmas blend I have. But not chocolate. If I ever have the urge for chocolate and tea again, it'll be in the way of a cuppa and a chocolate bar - separately.

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  1. He he, I've just reviewed some chocolate tea on my blog and it wasn't very favourable. I do, however, have some that I really like, so you never know ;-)


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