Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tea all live in a yellow submarine

LOVE this cute cute cute yellow submarine tea diffuser!

Available from this fab website I've just discovered.

Must admit to not having drunk much tea since I moved into the new house.
I've been so busy I just haven't had time to sit down with a good cuppa. Every time I've made one, it's gone cold while I've found another chore that needs doing.
Need to make time for tea...

The 'giving up chocolate for lent' idea wasn't the best one I've ever had.
I've had a real hankering for some choc all day and I wish I could quit but

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

9 patches done!

I got into my sewing room at the weekend (before I was struck down with another illness) and finished the nine patches of my latest baby quilt. I used some lovely new ABC baby fabric, and some nice green dotty fabric. Loving the scarecrow at the middle of the first block...

 But I'm not sure about the cat in the middle of the last block:

I don't know whether I wasn't paying attention when I was cutting the blocks out, as I'm sure I wouldn't intentionally use the cat wonky. I might have to find something to patch over the top, but we'll see.

This is the potential layout:

Now I have to think about whether to lay strips of a plain colour inbetween the blocks, or just sew them together. I was planning on a lemon yellow backing fabric, but I can't decide what colour to use for the binding. Maybe a green?

I can't do any more at the moment as I'm poorly, so I'm just laid out on the sofa off work for the second day. Doing the washing up wore me out so it's resting for me. And, as I gave it up for Lent, I can't even cure my illness with chocolate!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Up and running

I've been MIA for ages as we moved house last weekend - I now officially live with my boyfriend! In a house about 5 times the size of my old flat - it's going to take some getting used to. I keep wandering around, looking for Steve because there's too many rooms to find him in (then I remember he's not here, he's got his head in a car engine elsewhere...).

So, there was the hustle and bustle of moving, and then useless BT couldn't figure out how to press the one button that connects your broadband. Numerous arguments with them later and I'm finally online again, hurrah!

The house is lovely. And, it includes a spare room that will be my sewing room! No more crouching over the coffee table on my sewing machine - I now have a whole room with a desk to spread my patches out on. I can't wait to get re-started on my projects.

I've now been issued another challenge for my godson - to make the bunting for his birthday party in May. Slightly less stressful than the Christening cake. His mum wants a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake, but has decided as mother she ought to do it herself - I'm pleased, as although I'm a baker, I'm not a cake decorator!

To celebrate our excellent new house, we have instigated 'Champagne Mondays'. A brilliant idea, you'll agree?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Too many teapots!

There are just too many teapot necklaces on Etsy for me to choose from...

Cake with arms

Can't hang around to say much, as I've got ten thousand boxes to pack. But, saw this and thought it was brilliant:

It's from NotCot Tasteologie who is brilliant.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Twit twooo teddy

My brilliant boyfriend has just bought me this:

It's a pre-moving-stressed-out present and I can't wait for it to arrive. It's from I Love Cutie Pie and I do indeed love that website. Excited!

This weekend has mostly been about having a terrible cold, complete with whole-body aches, and doing lots of packing. Interspersed with Thorntons' white chocolate teddy bears, who say "Ouch!" every time you take a bite (well, that might have been me saying that, but it wasn't half funny...).

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

In need of tea

Feeling somewhat stressed out again - I'm desperately in need of tea and crumpets. Or cake. I don't mind which.

The house is all sorted and we move in next weekend - I'll be doing some packing tonight, when all I really want to do is some quilting and sewing. That's my refuge but I just don't have time at the moment. Cannot wait to move into the new house - I'll have a sewing room!!

I made some banana loaf at the weekend, but despite the recipe being from 'Mary Berry's Baking Bible' I was uninpressed with the outcome - much too heavy and greasy than my normal recipe. Black mark against that one in the book I'm afraid, Mary.