Tuesday, 22 March 2011

9 patches done!

I got into my sewing room at the weekend (before I was struck down with another illness) and finished the nine patches of my latest baby quilt. I used some lovely new ABC baby fabric, and some nice green dotty fabric. Loving the scarecrow at the middle of the first block...

 But I'm not sure about the cat in the middle of the last block:

I don't know whether I wasn't paying attention when I was cutting the blocks out, as I'm sure I wouldn't intentionally use the cat wonky. I might have to find something to patch over the top, but we'll see.

This is the potential layout:

Now I have to think about whether to lay strips of a plain colour inbetween the blocks, or just sew them together. I was planning on a lemon yellow backing fabric, but I can't decide what colour to use for the binding. Maybe a green?

I can't do any more at the moment as I'm poorly, so I'm just laid out on the sofa off work for the second day. Doing the washing up wore me out so it's resting for me. And, as I gave it up for Lent, I can't even cure my illness with chocolate!

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