Saturday, 16 June 2012

Go away, allergy

I have an allergy to something.

On Thursday, work laid on drinks and sandwiches at the local pub to welcome us to our new offices. I happily ate a ham sandwich, a crayfish sandwich, and some chips, plus a small glass of orange juice. Very nice it all was.

Two hours later, I went a bit queer, and appeared sunburnt from head to toe. Sickness, headache, fatigue, and constant nausea followed. It's now Saturday and I still feel akin to death.

I went to the dr who said it was definitely an allergic reaction, which I have never experienced before. He is referring me to an allergy clinic to try to identify what caused it, although he didn't seem clear on how easy this would be.

Laying on the sofa, missing a friend's wedding, feeling dreadful, I am hoping that it was something strange in the dressing, and not anything familiar. Allergies can appear out of nowhere, but with cooking (and eating) being such an important part of my life, I don't want something as huge as seafood to suddenly be wiped off my menu.

Or, worst of all, chips.

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