Monday, 25 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday - some old favourites

Meal Planning Monday - time to get ready for the week ahead with some (hopefully) healthy meals and lots of old favourites.

Monday: Spicy Chicken Couscous - chicken, onion, red pepper, couscous made with chicken stock (made from my own roast chicken), curry paste - tonight, tikka masala - dried apricots, flaked almonds, and coriander. One of my faves, and the OH loves it too. Really quick, easy, and very satisfying.

Tuesday: Lamb Mango & Coconut Pilau from Good Food - fry some chopped lamb with onion and lots of spices - I make up the spices every time depending on my mood. Pop in a casserole dish and top up with lamb stock and coconut milk, pop in the oven for about 30 minutes. Then stir, and add rice, and pop back in the oven with some seasoning. After about 15 - 20 minutes (or when the rice is fluffy and cooked), dish up, and top with sliced mango, flaked almonds, and chopped coriander.

Wednesday: Out at a friend's house so am being cooked for, yay!

Thursday: Cottage pie, with minced beef, peas, and possibly baked beans, but made with sliced new potatoes (does that make it a hot pot?), served with brocolli.

Friday: Risotto made with courgettes, mint, basil, and feta cheese.

Saturday: Beef Stroganoff, with lovely little button mushrooms. But would you believe it, none of my recipe books contain a recipe for this, so I'm going to make it up. It has paprika in it, doesn't it? I'll serve this with Italian potatoes I think, or possibly rice.

Sunday: Roast Chicken with veg and new potatoes. This is what we were meant to have last night, but I forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer, so we ended up at the mother in law's...

I feel so much happier planning the week, knowing exactly what to buy, and knowing it'll save money and be economical too. And it's so good to know you've got a week of healthy, delicious meals all ready and waiting.

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