Monday, 11 April 2011

Quilt top done!

The quilt top for my nine patch baby quilt is finished! It's such a thrill when it all comes together and you've got something complete in front of you that's all your creation. Then it gets too exciting and I can't wait to get it finished.

I'm a bit unsure about the turquoise I chose for the binding strips, but hopefully when it comes together with the lemon yellow backing it'll look good. I don't want it to look too blue (although I'm convinced the baby will be a boy).

There's a couple of wobbly wonky bits but that's to be expected!

I covered up the bottom-left cat issue with a different piece of farm animal fabric, and used a fancy stitch to make it look deliberate.

I can't wait to complete it. I'm looking forward to doing the binding; having done it once I've got more confidence and know a bit more about what I'm doing. I just hope it looks good!

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