Sunday, 24 April 2011

Cakes in eggs

Yesterday I made Easter cakes, inside egg shells...

I pierced the eggs and emptied the contents, and made the holes a bit bigger. After making the mixture, I used a piping bag to fill the eggs up about 3/4 full (although, after seeing how much spilled out during baking, I think 1/2 full would work).

To eat, crack the egg shell and marvel in the egg-shaped cakiness.

I got the idea here.

I followed the recipe there, but I didn't like the method at all. It seemed alien to mix the sugar and egg, and then add the butter to it - that's completely the wrong way round and didn't seem right. I don't think the cakes taste that brilliant, so if I did this idea again I would use a better cake recipe. And I'd mix the butter and sugar together first.

I think a little dollop of lemon curd, or butter cream, in the middle of the mixture would work really well.


  1. I think how much batter to use per egg depends on the cake mix. I used a dense chocolate cake and filled them a little over 3/4 full. Only one of mine overflowed.

    It was fun making them, though, wasn't it? :+)

  2. So much fun making them! It was worth the bother cleaning the overspill up. And everyone's reaction was amazing!


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