Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Raspberry Bakewell tart and a soggy bottom

Project 'Don't bake anything else made with chocolate' is going well. Admittedly, I've only baked once since I made the pledge, but it wasn't with chocolate, so I consider that a success.

In the midst of moving house, surrounded by cardboard boxes, baking was a little piece of heaven in a cake tin this weekend. I intended to bake a cake using apples, but I found I had already packed all of my recipe books that contained such a gem. So the apple cake must wait for another time - although, I won't need a book, as the lovely Camilla at Fab Food 4 All has entrusted me with her favourite apple cake recipe by her mum, which sounds delish.

Instead, inspired by Steve's mum's home-grown raspberries, I went for a sort-of Bakewell tart. I even made the pastry case myself - although I have to admit to the biggest failing seen on the Great British Bake Off #GGBO - a soggy bottom *weep*. However, I blame the recipe. I intended to blind bake the pastry, before adding the jam and frangipane, but the recipe advised to bake it all at once. I should have followed by instincts - rookie mistake.

I would write out the recipe here, but I have packed it already. It included shortcrust pastry, raspberry jam, a simple frangipane mix, topped off with fresh raspberries. I wanted to drizzle icing on top once it was baked, but Steve said no. Boo.


  1. A soggy bottom never hurt anyone...this really does look good! The jam, raspberry and frangipane filling sounds like a great combination! :-)

  2. I don't think I've baked blind since I was at school and don't have any beans to do it with! From info I've gleaned it seems if you have anything wet in contact with the base you need to bake blind. But my quiche isn't baked blind and that works find but it uses puff and not short crust pastry. I think a really good tin also helps as I've been sent some great ones that stay so hot it's a miracle! Hate it when recipes don't work, maybe you could sue! Nice raspberries by the way!


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