Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chocolate thunder cupcakes

It's thundering and lightning-ing like its a bank holiday weekend here. To take my mind off it (I am a chicken) I made some chocolate cupcakes.

I haven't baked for ages - my last kitchen moment was some flapjacks. I didn't have any eggs and needed to bake - but heavens, I didn't realise how very very bad they are for you! I knew they weren't 'healthy' but the inclusion of oats made me think they were 'ok'. But no. The whole pack of butter makes those oaty bits as healthy as cheesecake.

Anyway. I digress. Chocolate cupcakes. I didn't know whether to go for an old favourite or a new recipe this weekend. But, the thunder and lack of exciting ingredients in the cupboard combined to mean only the former was possible. But who doesn't love chocolate cupcakes?!

I used a Hummingbird Bakery recipe. I've used it before so I won't repeat it here. I'm always a bit wary of their recipes. They can use strange methods, and as with this one, it was very wet and runny. It also was supposed to make 12 but I could only stretch to 10 and a half one.

The frosting is delicious. This is my favourite use of my Kitchenaid mixer. It really does help make the best ever frosting. I only make half the quantity of what the book says otherwise there'd be three times as much frosting ad there is cake. I decorated with chocolate vermicelli and silver balls. How on earth are you supposed I get those balls to go in the right place?!? I ended up pouring some in my hand and dipping the cakes in.

Perfect for a rainy thundery weekend.

These are my first entry into the brilliant Calendar Cakes blog challenge from Dolly Bakes and Laura Loves Cakes. To coincide with National Cupcake Week (September 17 - 23), this month's challenge is CUPCAKES! Yay!


  1. They look perfect and the ultimate antidote to this weather. It's been thunder and lightning here for about an hour non stop. Quite dramatic! I'm baking bread so it must be something in the air!!

  2. These cakes look delicious. The photo is so realistic I can almost smell the chocolate. It could storm everyday if I got one of these cupcakes! Yum! : )

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! They were absolutely yummy. Sometimes only a chocolate cupcake will do. We had even more thunder in the evening after I made these - a great excuse to eat another one :)

  4. Everyone loves a chocolate cupcake...I'm sure you weren't short of takers!! These look delicious! I agree that Hummingbird recipes can be a bit funny but they generally turn out right in the end! Thanks for entering Calendar Cakes...I'm very excited to see all the yummy cupcakes this month! :-)


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