Sunday, 27 May 2012

My first Meal Planning Monday

I'm grabbing hold of the Meal Planning Monday baton and running with it...

I've always been a weekly meal planner - I've just never written it down before, so why not start now. For me it's a must. It organises me and the other half, and takes the pressure off trying to think of something tasty and nutritious either first thing in the morning with bleary eyes, staring into the freezer trying to imagine being hungry in 10 hours, or in a rush the second I get in the door from work when all I want is a cup of tea. It also saves money, most definitely, and is a great way to make sure everything is healthy and balanced. I'm not very good at being spontaneous, neither in general day-to-day events nor at dinner time, so it suits me.

It also means I get a dedicated amount of time to sit down with recipe books and food magazines, browsing through new ideas and recipes.

This week, we shall mostly be eating:

Monday: Steve's still in Wales mountain biking, and I'm going to a cake club, so I won't have dinner.

Tuesday: Sweet & sour chicken kebabs, with peppers and pineapple, with fruity noodles.

Weds: Jacket potatoes with tuna and beans (a guilty pleasure of mine).

Thurs: Salmon and brown rice salad with soya beans and cucumber.

Friday: Curried chicken and mango salad.

Saturday: Sausages with a salad of roasted butternut squash & peppers with rocket.

Sunday: Who knows. I like to leave one day open for whatever's left in it fridge!

Thanks to Dolly Bakes for introducing me to Meal Planning Mondays!

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