Sunday, 31 July 2011

Whoopie pies mark 2

Welcome to the whoopie pies part deux! Much more success this time. I used the same recipe, but I mixed it for a little longer and it became a bit looser, and I didn't refridgerate it (unlike the recipe's instructions) - it was a lot easier to handle unlike last time when it was almost solid.

I used a piping bag to squeeze the mixture on to the baking trays, rather than just spooning it out. This allowed a lot more control over the shape - even though it looked like 30 small dog poos...

I'm a lot happier with the final result. Much more control, much more uniform shapes, and they didn't fall all over the place.

For the 'whoopie' filling, I ignored the recipe's amounts and just made buttercream by eye as I normally would, and then added marshmallow fluff at the end. Again I didn't refridgerate it, there didn't seem any benefit from doing this. Much better - not sloppy or gloopy, just enough, and they didn't collapse like last time. And, crucially, they taste brilliant!!

Baking makes me happy, and cheers me up. I was feeling very down in the dumps yesteday, but this batch of whoopie pies really upped my spirits.

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