Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lonely apostrophe

Buying Christmas presents for the Boyfriend today, I stumbled across this mug. Completely perfect for him as he does slurp his tea, and I'm always mentioning it...

However. This mug upsets me. I was in a quandry over whether to buy it.

"Do ahhh' after every slurp."

What the heck is that apostrophe doing?!?!????!!!

It's obviously supposed to be 'ahhh' and they dropped the first one by accident. It can't have been on purpose. It traumatises me. I bought it as I know Boyfriend will love it, and he won't be upset at all by the missing apostrophe - but I might look at it every time he has a cuppa and want to break it!!!

What a Christmas quandry...

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