Monday, 15 November 2010

GaGa about tea

This news story suggests Lady GaGa is the reason behind Debenhams' increased sales of teapots and other tea-related accessories, due to her penchant for carrying around a teacup.

Is the UK public that see-through?

And can we really justify a rise in such a social trend as tea drinking to the preferences of one slightly batty pop singer?

Tea drinking and appreciation has been around for hundreds of years and I refuse to lay its apparent resurrection at the feet of Lady GaGa. Perhaps its social importance and ability to bring together friends and family is more to blame. We live in such a contactless society that it's brilliant to see individuals rebel against only communicating via facebook or twitter and actually getting together with acquaintances for tea, biscuits, and cake. It's the best way to catch up with people, share stories, laughter, and sadness, while being refreshed and satisfied by a naughty sugary treat.

I've always been a lover of afternoon tea parties and will continue this favourite pastime irrelevant of what 'celebrities' get up to or indeed carry around with them!

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