Sunday, 21 November 2010

I haven't done any proper sewing for the last few days. Having the sewing machine on my coffee table while I sit on the sofa to use it means I've developed a terrible back ache. I feel so old! But it means the sewing machine is resting, and I'll consider doing some hand sewing instead once it's eased a bit.

In the mean time I'm reading 'No and Me', about a French teenage genius who befriends a homeless girl.

Time has come to gift my little quilt to my friend Ian, whose son Sam has finally arrived. I personalised it yesterday with a tag for his name and birth date. Hopefully they'll all love it.

I experimented with a few triangles on this one, and also a natty little area of half- and third-sized patches - some on purpose, but the dotty part was perhaps due to a useless bit of measuring. I ended up cutting the blue dotted piece in half and inserting the red dots - covering up a deliberate mistake!

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