Thursday, 6 February 2014

The power of cake

It's amazing, the power of cake. It can bring friends together and open up things that were difficult to talk about without the lubrication of sugary loveliness, it can introduce strangers and make them companions, it can heal wounds through the patience and focus required in the baking stage, and it can be a treat for a loved one.

Baking a cake for friends, family, and lovers cheers me up no end. It creates such smiles and gratitude that a present you hurridly bought from the shop at lunch just can't do.

Sharing out slices of homemade cake to colleagues on a Monday morning brings a little brightness into an otherwise very Monday-like office. Baking a favourite cake for a boyfriend's birthday makes his lunchbox (that's not a pun, and yes I make his lunchbox every day) a bit more exciting. Making your mum an old recipe from my grandmother might get a bit of a tear, but probably just an appreciative 'Mmmmmm' as she remembers the original.

Sharing a cake, slicing it up, handing the pieces out, really brings people together in a way that cupcakes and whoopie pies just can't do. They have their own places in the baking world, granted, but we love cake. It can't be individual, it can't be impersonal, it has to be shared and loved by other people together.

If you agree, pop over to the Clandestine Cake Club website, as this is what we believe in.

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