Thursday, 13 February 2014

St Petersburg restaurant, Peterborough

I have to share with you the delights of the St Petersburg restaurant in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I haven't yet visited this establishment (I actually picked up the menu while waiting for my table at the curry house over the road, The Bombay Brasserie, which is a personal favourite). Some of the names of the dishes are brilliant! I'm sure I'll be taking a trip to the St Petersburg restaurant very soon.

Top attractions on the menu include:
Breakfast, for him (ham, cheese and onion omelette)
The hungry man's dream (omelette with prawns and vegetables)
Stepmother's whim (pasta with salmon, cream, and spinach)
A man's dream (pork strips in tomato sauce with kidney beans)
Bear roast (grilled pork with mushrooms)
Dragon tongue (pork with coleslaw)
Beer pizza (cheese, cumin, and garlic)

I am equally pleased and disappointed that the bear roast isn't actually bear.

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