Saturday, 17 August 2013

Nectarine loaf cake

I had a few nectarines in the fridge looking decidedly dodgy, and, getting that feeling that you need to make a cake and nothing else will do, I thought I'd put them to use. I made a plain loaf cake mix, with extra flour to adjust for the liquid in the fruit; dotted chopped nectarines in layers with the mix, and also heavily on the top.

Once baked and out of the oven, I drizzled over a mix of granulated sugar that had been melted with some lemon juice. There was a LOT of sugar so the crust was really thick (and made my teeth hurt a little). I have mislaid my scrap of paper that had all the measurements written on, so I can't repeat the recipe here. But, it wasn't that great anyway. The nectarines didn't taste of nectarines much, and the sugar crust was too much. It was very moist, to the point of a little claggy. I won't be baking this one again (I can't really, anyway, seeing as I can't remember how I made it - good job really!)

It looked quite attractive though.

A very, very, very sugary crust

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