Monday, 4 March 2013

Stamford Clandestine Cake Club at Burghley House

For the March gathering of the Stamford CCC, we met at the one and only Burghley House.

An amazing stately home in Stamford, Burghley House epitomises this beautiful Georgian stone town, and it was wonderful to host our CCC event here. We were in the Loggia room, just off the Orangery dining room – a wonderful curved long room, with big windows overlooking the garden and fountain. If you haven’t been to Burghley before, it is worth a trip – there’s a massive park to wander through, with deer, a lake, and a Garden of Surprises – the inspiration for this month’s theme, ‘Surprise!’

15 bakers and 5 guests met to talk about cake, and eat a lot of cake. We had a brilliant array of cakes, with everyone embracing the theme and giving such a lot of effort that it makes little me, as organiser of our fabulous club, so proud.

Roll up, roll up, here comes a list of our cakes:
Jack-in-the-box pistachio and strawberry cake – Sophie
Chocolate surprise cake with hidden cake pops inside – Rachel
Vanilla large cupcake cake – controversial! – Lisa
Bunny cake – Mel
Rainbow cake – Kelly
Alice’s ‘Eat Me’ cake with marshmallow filling – Anthea
Tomato soup cake – Kerry C
St Lucia banana cake – Rhoda
Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow cake – Vicky L
Parsnip cake – Vicky R and Jane
Chocolate and sauerkraut cake – Emma
In the pond cake – Judith
Chocolate tiger cake – Esme
Rice crispie cake – Kelly M

It was a delicious range of surprises, with bakers taking the theme from design, to colours, to strange and wonderful secret ingredients. This month, I didn’t collate a menu so everything really was very clandestine, and some of the ingredients were only announced after tasting. The colours on both rainbow cakes – one brights, one pastels – were amazing, and the fish cake (in decoration only!) was the greenest cake I’ve ever tried.

Massive cake troughs were taken home, and I went for a walk through the park with some of the other members afterwards, in an attempt to work off some of those thousands of calories we had consumed.
Thank you to all bakers who came, and thank you for all your efforts. A great venue too – I recommend everyone take a trip to Stamford and have a walk around Burghley park. The house itself will be open to visitors soon, and the Garden of Surprises is a must.

For more details about Clandestine Cake Clubs, visit here.

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  1. fabulous cakes and what a great setting for a cake club :-)


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