Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Chocolate macaroons

I attempted to make macaroons tonight. My first try at these little buttons of deliciousness. I can't say they were a great success.

I won't repeat the recipe as I don't want to inflict it upon anyone. I got the recipe from the Good Food website, which I thought would be trustworthy. I knew as soon as I mixed the egg whites in that there weren't enough of them (just two egg whites). The mixture looked thick and lumpy. Piping the dots looked like a baking tray of tiny poos, not to be gross. I tapped, and let them rest, then baked them.

They look hard and rubbish. They taste a bit hard and rubbish. Won't be repeating that recipe again. Have been told the Italian meringue technique is much more reliable. Will try again another time.


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