Monday, 31 December 2012

Turning 30 in 2013

There are just a few hours left of the last full year of my twenties. In three days I turn 30.

I will not be sad to see the back of the last decade, which seems to have had more downs than ups. But I've come out the other side with a wonderful boyfriend, a house I can call my own, and consider myself a much nicer person than I used to be. My twenties taught me a lot, even if the ride wasn't that enjoyable.

I'm not where I want to be yet, by any means, but where I am gives me a lot and I'm grateful for everything in my life right now. I fully indeed to remember all the things that make me and my loved ones happy and do more of those things in the next year, and decade.

It's important to look after yourself and not ignore the warning signs. Your body tells you a lot about your mind, and both are fragile things that need to be cared for.

Cakes and baking makes me happy, as does quilting and sewing. Feeling the pressure to complete a million challenges and projects does not make me cheerful, and so I will craft and bake as much or as little as I want. Walking, in the woods, by the river, being on my bike, seeing churches and castles, reading.

This year I also want to get out and sort out our new garden. We moved in at the start of autumn so we've not been able to do much yet. I got a big book of gardening for Christmas so I'm going to read up on what to do first.

Keep close those around you who you care for, and also who care for you. Remember that friends are supposed to support you and not make you feel like a worse person for their presence.

Dark and light are both vital for existence. We can strive for more light and happiness, but the dark times make the bright ones worthwhile. I just hope I've ha my fair share of dark for a while yet...

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  1. What a lovely monologue and such wise words, it's true we do learn so much with each decade that passes. I wish you a very Happy next decade and like you hope it will be healthy and very happy!


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