Sunday, 16 October 2011

Peaches & cream - not a dream

I made peaches & cream cupcakes. They weren't great! They certainly didn't look good when they came out of the oven.

I was meant to use paper cases, but I didn't have any - I didn't think it would matter, but as the fresh peaches nestled at the bottom, they didn't really do well. Taking them out of the tray was a bit of a challenge, and I realised this batch wasn't going to win any awards on the attractive scale...

I made a lovely buttercream frosting, and that helped to cover up some of the ugliness, but I really ought to go on a cake decorating course.

Some of the peaches went a bit funny in the oven (and turned a bit purple), so I decided this was a batch my discering boyfriend could eat. As he's called the Human Dustbin he has no quarrels with eating dodgy purple peach cupcakes and thought they were lovely.
Back to the drawing board on these. I think tinned peaches might be a better idea. And definitely paper cases.

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