Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Italian and quilts

Went out for Italian tonight with two great friends. A good chat about life, love, and everything in between - and they advised me that I ought to buy Cosmo tomorrow for some light entertainment. Eek... Dinner was lovely - sweet chilli chicken, spinach, and mascapone pizza followed by a trio of delicious desserts, and a double espresso (hmm maybe that's why I can't think about going to bed yet...)

Someone at work has commissioned me to make two baby quilts! So the sewing machine will be coming out this week and I'll be hard at work. At the moment the only brief is 'squares' and 'colourful' - we don't know the sex of either of the babies, so no particular pink/blue colour theme.

I made her daughter a quilt a while ago, but one of my first, so no actual quilting or binding. So tomorrow I'll show her my newest quilt, all done properly, to see whether she wants the old style or the new, improved, how-it's-supposed-to-look version.

From one extreme to the other - from Cosmo and its advice on sex, to making patchwork quilts...

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