Monday, 18 November 2013

It's cake, but not as we know it

The Stamford CCC is now A YEAR OLD! Thanks to all members who've ever come to a meeting, it's such a brilliant club and I'm so happy we've reached our first birthday.

November's meeting of the Stamford Clandestine Cake Club was all about cakes masquerading as something else - or, perhaps vice versa. We had 16 cakes inspired by different flavours, puddings, and other sweet delights.
This month we met on November 11th at The Collyweston Slater, a lovely country pub just outside of Stamford that has recently undergone new management. It's a lovely big pub with different areas to enjoy. They do a great Sunday carvery and part of the pub is dog friendly, plus there's a great play area for children too. Fun tea towels on the walls added to the welcoming atmosphere. The owners, Helen and Kelvin, certainly welcomed the big plate of cake I gave them. For more info visit The Collyweston Slater website.

The featured cakes this month were:
Sausage breakfast cake - Mel
Banoffee pie cake - Vic
Strawberry shortbread cake - Kelly
Cinnamon crumble apple cake - Vicky
Lemon meringue cake - Louise
Cherry Bakewell Cake - Sarah L
Tiffin cake - Sarah G
Sticky toffee shortbread cake - Danielle
Cherry Bakewell - Alice
Mint choc chip cake - Ali
Chocolate peppermint cream cake - Sam
Victoria sponge pizza cake - Kerry
Almond and chocolate cake - Rhoda
Apricot couronne cake - Anthea
Toffee apple cake - Rachel
Spotted dick and custard cake - Deborah

All the cakes were brilliantly inspired by something else, well done to all bakers. A particular triumph was Mel's sausage breakfast cake, possibly the strangest combination we've every had at cake club, but which really impressed and tasted fab. Louise's lemon meringue cake was excellent, and had everyone talking. My personal favourite was Vic's banoffee pie cake, which was fluffy, delicious, and looked great too - but then I do love banoffee pie. Newcomer Ali's mint choc chip cake took us all back to childhood ice creams.

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