Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Around the world in 80 cakes

The location for the October gathering of the Stamford Clandestine Cake Club was called The Mess, which was quite apt considering the amount of cake crumbs we left behind… The Mess was located in The Cosy Club, Stamford, which was also very well-named – particularly cosy, comfortable, and a brilliant venue for our cake club. A big Art Deco-inspired room, with fantastic historical paintings and prints, antlers on the wall, candles, a long cake table with fabulously mismatched chairs, plus leather sofas and armchairs to sink into – we were spoilt for choice for where to sit and scoff our cakes.

Despite several cancellations, we had 18 enthusiastic cake clubbers and 14 cakes, all baked to our theme of ‘Around the world in 80 cakes’. This was more of a challenge this month, and our bakers impressed with all very different cakes. Everyone’s effort was outstanding. We had a delicious tour of the world with some great flavours and new recipes that many hadn’t tried before. My personal favourite was Sarah’s Black Forest Gateau. My bacon and maple cake (flavours of my summer trip to California, where all we seemed to eat was waffles with bacon and maple syrup!) turned a few heads – the strangest cake I’ve ever baked – it looked like a perfectly normal sandwich cake with buttercream, apart from the strips of bacon on the top! Victoria’s Hungarian Dobos torte had seven lovely layers, while Kat’s angel food cake really was angelic, it was so light. Kelly’s Mexican creation was light and moist, and reminded Steve of Milkybars – always a good thing.

The Cosy Club was a great host, with lots of space and friendly, welcoming staff, who all devoured the platter of cake they received (in about 20 minutes, most of the 14 slices had been eaten!). I happened to eat dinner at The Cosy Club a couple of days before our cake event, and the menu is inviting – I’d definitely recommend visiting for a drink or dinner (or a cake club again, hopefully). The quirky decor and relaxed atmosphere make for a great time, whether you come in the day or night time.

The roll of cakey honour goes to:
Bacon and maple cake – USA – Sophie
Dobos torte – Hungary – Vic L
Tres leches (three milk) cake – Mexico – Kelly
Rum cake – Caribbean – Kerry
Red velvet cake – USA – Sarah L
Angel food cake – USA – Kat
Tarta de Almendras – Spain – Vicky R
Maple and pecan cake – Canada – Judith
Black Forest Gateau – Germany – Sarah G
Zebra cake – Africa – Jennifer
Hummingbird cake – USA – Danielle
Cappuccino cake – Italy – Deborah
Sachertorte – Austria – Alice
Donauwellen (Danube waves cake) – Germany – Katy

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