Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer is here - whoopie!

I made some chocolate whoopie pies. They're one of my boyfriend's favourite bakes of mine and I can't resist but to make some when he asks.

They never look as good as they do in the books - but that's the joy of home baking. They look home made, wonky, bumpy, but loved. And I don't want my bakes to look perfect. I'm a cake baker, not a cake decorator. I like to spend time over a special cake to decorate it and make it perfect for special occasions, but a batch of whoopie pies for the boyfriend can be happily bonkers.

They taste yummy too. I can never quite describe a whoopie pie to someone who's not had one yet. What do you call them? Halfway between a cake and a cookie crossed with a brownie confuses the situation more than explain it.

Whatever they are, I do like a whoopie pie with a cup of tea.

[This post was composed before summer arrived and I resigned from kitchen duties!!!]

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