Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Spider torture

Tonight I had my first panic attack in a long time. It was all over a spider. Possibly more irrational than some of my previous attacks, although possibly more understandable than the breakdown in the supermarket over which brand of toothpaste to buy.

This was a monster. I'm home alone, and I just panicked. I videoed the thing! Then he disappeared underneath the sofa, leaving me stranded - I couldn't bear to stand up in case he ran over my bare feet. I had to ring my mum and ask her advice. I tried moving the sofa, prone with salad bowl in hand to trap him under, but he didn't appear, and still hasn't.

I'm now quite worried about going to bed in case he appears in the bedroom. I fear I may not sleep too well tonight.

See, I told you it was completely irrational.

I was meant to be working on my latest quilt tonight, but I've been too afraid to go anywhere or do anything! So, these lovely squares are all waiting for me...unsewn...while I wait for the spider to climb aboard and eat me.

Oh, and if you'd like to see the video of said scary spider, click here.

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