Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Losing my marbles...or, gaining them.

Today I made a vanilla and chocolate marble loaf cake, with a thick layer of chocolate on top. My loaf tin is too small for regular loaf cake recipes, so I also get some cupcakes out of the mixture too.

Quite enjoyed plopping the mixture into the tin and swirling it, not knowing what it's going to look like until you cut into it.

However, I'm not sold on the particular recipe. I think the butter ratio must be higher than I'm used too, as it seemed everso greasy. I have to admit it was a Mary Berry recipe! Seems like sacrilege to say I didn't like it! I'll try the marbling with a different recipe in future though as I think the overall effect is lovely.

The topping, which was just melted dark chocolate with a splash of water and a knob of butter, was yummy. Not too much, just enough, and perfect for a chocoholic.

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