Thursday, 28 October 2010

I found a group!

The Crafty Patchers meet just a couple of miles down the road from me, one Saturday a month (which tends to be workshops or charity things), Monday evenings once a month, and Wednesday mornings (which obviously I can't go to as I work). I'll be going to a Saturday charity meet in a couple of weeks, hopefully it'll be good. Everyone takes their own sewing machine, which might be a bit tricky seeing as at the moment I'm just borrowing the Boyfriend's mother's machine, and she keeps wanting it back. But, we'll see. The nice lady on the phone said they do have a spare couple of machines in the hall, so maybe on the first time I go I'll just borrow one of theirs.

I can't wait!

In the meantime, I'm checking out some lovely photos on flickr to get inspiration... I love the cupcake detail.

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Along Top- Done!
A Tokyo subway quilt - looks brilliant

And some brilliant mushrooms!

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